• The fast track for your laser

    is called F-CUT!

    F-CUT – higher output with lower costs. Continuous movement of the processing head without stopping at the beginning or end of a contour – the laser beam is only switched on and off. This function is made possible by rapid direct communication between the laser control and axis control by MHC-L ­(Mitsubishi Electric High-speed Controller for Lasers).

    The laser beam can thus be activated or deactivated within a microsecond.

    With F-CUT you achieve much faster processes (higher parts output) and hence reduced costs per part.

  • Conventional

    The processing head stops briefly at the beginning and end of the contour.

  • F-CUT

    Continuous processing without stopping the processing head.

  • Billions of extra photons.

    Up to 98 % shorter piercing time for mild steel.

    Shorter piercing time for medium-thick and thick sheet metal
    Thanks to the skilful combination of high-energy pulse peaks and a jet nozzle, piercing times can be reduced by up to 98 %. In the last few years, the metal thickness suitable for high-peak piercing has increased from 8 to 25 mm.

  • Fiber

  • Cross-Flow

  • Processing head with a jet nozzle

  • Operator health and the environment benefit

    from Mitsubishi Electric.

    Better to exhaust fumes with targeted control of the individual area that really matters
    The fumes arising during the cutting process are exhausted reliably and, depending on the position of the processing head, locally and passed through a filter system with a purity rate of 99.999 % (minimum particle size 0.5 µm) – and with minimal maintenance effort. The outcome is clean air – safe for the oper­ator and the environment.

  • 24-hour productive operation.

    Reliably and quietly at night.

  • Preventing collisions: processing head retracts to prevent collisions

    At the start of every program, the Z axis rises into its topmost position before the processing head moves into its starting position. This reduces the collision risk and supports reliable operation – irrespective of the operator’s level of knowledge.

  • Safe night operation: the “Night Mode”

    Night Mode can be activated manually or automatically at a previously set time. The Night Mode adjusts the motion sequence of the processing head and slows down the pallet in- and outfeed. Night Mode thus reduces noise emissions and the risk of collision. This means less annoyance of the neighbourhood and less downtime.

  • In case anything should go wrong: there’s still the magnetic damage reduction mechanism

    The processing head held magnetically in position can be returned to its original position within seconds after a collision. This not only minimises the risk of components being damaged in collisions, but also reduces the need to centre the nozzle after an unexpected contact.

  • Optimisation of unproductive times?

    A standard feature that pays off.

  • 1. Scan bar code

  • 2. Press start

  • Minimising set-up time

    Parallel is better than serial. Unproductive time is reduced with faster processes and processes ­taking place simultaneously. The outcome is higher parts output per hour.

  • Not much experience with laser systems?

    Don’t worry – it communicates with you.

  • Superior cutting results

    Sometimes the finished cut isn’t quite the way you want it – maybe the edge is unusually rough or has burrs. For this there’s an integrated diagnosis menu with examples. After selecting the matching picture, the operator is advised on how to improve the result.

  • Self-check

    All the chief components of the laser cutting system are constantly monitored. And all monitored ­parameters are neatly displayed on the main screen.

  • Active control

    During the cutting process it is possible to steplessly adjust both the focus position and cutting speed.

  • Built-in expertise.

    Giving you all the help you need.

  • Remaining time display

    Displays the time remaining until the end of the program. So you can see at any time when the cutting job is finished. This way everything runs smoothly.

  • Time forecast

    Before the program starts, the time forecast indicates the expected processing time for the program. This way the operator can plan flexibly at all times.

  • Rapid production of extra parts

    Should extra parts be needed at any time, these can be produced with just a few mouse-clicks at the control. Even simple nesting is possible.

  • Convenient program modification

    Changing process conditions can be simply executed due to the individual contours being linked with the appropriate program blocks. By clicking on a contour, the relevant part of the program is automatically called up. This saves a lot of time!

  • Narrow gap cutting

    Narrow gap processing reduces N2 assist gas consumption remarkably by up to 30%.

  • Cut-off function

    Easily cut offcuts into several pierces by using the Offcut Cutting screen.

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