• Important: investment security!

    Why do core components produced in-house make all the difference?

    No compromises
    Only if you yourself develop and produce the key components – ranging from the CNC control, frequency inverters, servo amplifiers and servo motors to the control circuit boards and relays – can you adapt them precisely to your own needs. And only then do you have complete control over keeping quality at the very highest level. If you have to go back to third-party manufacturers for these key components, you will have to make compromises more often. These disadvantages are often not ­obvious at first or second glance, but reveal themselves sooner or later in the fail-safety of the ­overall system.

    More expertise, better results
    If you develop and produce countless components yourself, your knowledge is vastly superior. It therefore makes all the difference to know that the extra expertise built into every Mitsubishi Electric machine is on your side. If you install a lot of third-party components, you unavoidably take much greater risks, as compatibility and dependability only reveal themselves later.

    Secure supply of parts
    The biggest unsureness with a long-term investment is the reliability of the technology and a secure supply of parts. Because we do more than simply assemble our laser cutting systems, we are also ­independent of parts supplies from third-party sources. For you this means a parts supply and component repair well beyond the legal requirements. Because each laser cutting system consists of a number of key components. And if the parts are no longer available in just a few years’ time, what will this mean for the value of your investment?

  • Key components produced

    by Mitsubishi Electric

    Experienced and critical customers take an occasional look in the electrical cabinet to see how many names of manufacturers they can find on the installed components. Those who are careful in their choice will stay on the safe side in the long run.


  •    4050 x 2060 mm
  •    4 / 6 / 8 kW

  •    3050 x 1525 mm
  •    4 / 6 / 8 kW

  •    3050 x 1525 mm
  •    4,5 / 6 kW