• The efficient production cell

    that gives your competition sleepless nights … and enables you to sleep soundly

    LASORTING ensures continuity of production in terms of laser workload, sorting and storage. Rapid and dependable processes help you stay competitive. With unsupervised operations, LASORTING permits operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The result is increased or stabilised output with lower unit wage costs. The employees so far responsible for physically demanding sorting can now be entrusted with value-generating activities.

    Staying competitive: The orders are intelligently processed without impairing efficient material utilisation – thus excluding order-picking errors and time lost between the various process steps. All this brings down the costs that would arise due to downstream manual handling.

  • Loading

  • Sorting

  • Skeleton removal

  • Order picking

  • Perfectly sorted in kits –

    even with different material thicknesses and labelled if desired.

    Only when the subsequent process steps (such as bending, welding and painting) are taken into account from the outset can work continue without lost time. ASTES4 ensures precisely this seamless integration into the production process, regardless of whether the downstream process takes place on your own site or elsewhere.

  • A broad variety of options
    Different sheet thicknesses are prepared as kits for further processing. This saves time and money and ensures that they are accurately positioned on each pallet.

  • Optional labelling device
    Enables parts to be tracked by attaching labels.

  • Intelligent, box for box
    The execution of production processes is geared precisely to your needs. Whatever the requirement – boxes or angled stacking – ASTES4 can do it.

  • Selected –

    the modular principle.

    Four grippers are better than one or two, particularly when your laser-cutting process depends on sorting speed. This is precisely where the ASTES4 patent comes into play. Each gripper is capable of using vacuum or magnetic tools in a variety of shapes and sizes. These tools are automatically changed to suit the geometry and weight of the part. The grippers can operate individually or collectively to move large or heavy parts and are thus vastly superior to all conventional laser automation systems in terms of productivity and efficiency.

  • The grippers can be magnetic or pneumatic and come in a huge variety of shapes

  • A finished program in 5 clicks ...

    it couldn’t be simpler. Programming? What for?

    The software automatically optimises and manages the production process through to storage, without the user having to intervene. The outcome is unsurpassed userfriendliness. The user only has to select the pallets being used and everything proceeds automatically as a single production order – management of various materials, part quantities, sorting and storage – based on purchase orders and deliveries.

    Simplicity also means being able to resort to plug & play technology. Thanks to the experience of ASTES4 and Mitsubishi Electric, the installation of the unique LASORTING system is a simple and swiftly accomplished task with the advantage of a dramatic reduction in lead time from the start of installation to the start of production.

  • Three different sheet/plate thicknesses are sorted and deposited on four pallets

  • Simply graphic operation, precise result

  • Flexible for today, tomorrow

    and the coming decade – one layout variant is bound to fit!

    Thanks to its modularity, the LASORTING production cell adapts to the customer’s production requirements and space available on site. A fully integrated production cell consisting of the laser module and sorting system with integrated storage becomes a single unit that is far more productive than the mere sum of its parts. The intelligence of this solution can be found in the software that controls the entire process, ensuring automation and flexibility at the same time – entirely in accordance with the customer’s needs.

  • All dimensions in mm

    Max. sheet size3,050 x 1,525 / 4,050 x 2,060 mm
    Max. sheet thickness10 mm25 mm
    Laser technologyFiber/CrossFlow
    Laser power2–8 kW
    Max. sortable part size3,050 x 1,525 / 4,050 x 2,060 mm
    Number of NC-controlled axes (sorting system)1416
    Load-bearing capacityPer head250 kg500 kg
    RotationPer head360°
    Max. speed230 m/min240 m/min
    Max. acceleration1 g
    Automation step 1
    4-shelf conveyor
    (transverse or longitudinal)
    Number of pallet locations4
    Max. weight per pallet3,000 kg
    Application1 sheet blank pallet, 2 order-picking pallets (6 EUR-pallets), 1 skeleton pallet
    Automation step 2
    Storage tower including 3-shelf conveyor
    (lateral or longitudinal)
    Racks1 (single tower) / 2 (double tower)
    Height6,000/8,000 mm
    Number of storage ­locations10–32
    Max. weight per pallet3,000 kg
    ApplicationAs required – definition of sheet blank pallets, order-picking pallets
    (3 EUR-pallets per storage location) and skeleton pallets possible

  • Not the right layout for you?

    Doesn't matter! Your solution is: LASORTING – CUSTOMIZED

    Meeting your requirements to perfection.

    An automation solution is only ever as good as its tailoring to the needs of the customer. ASTES4 specialises in adapting to your needs – regardless of the length, width and height of the storage system. Get in touch with us and benefit from the experience that will boost your productivity – for good!

    Max. sheet length3,050/4,050 mm8,030 mm
    Max. sheet thickness10 mm25 mm
    Laser technologyFiber/CrossFlow
    Max. sortable part size3,050 x 1,525 / 4,050 x 2,060 mm8,000 x 3,000 mm
    Number of NC-controlled axes (sorting system)16
    Load-bearing capacityPer head250 kg500 kg1,150 kg
    RotationPer head360°
    Max. speed230 m/min240 m/min220 m/min
    Max. acceleration1 g0.8 g
    Automation step 1
    4-shelf conveyor
    (transverse or longitudinal)
    Number of pallet locationsAs required
    Max. weight per pallet3,000 kg5,000–10,000 kg
    ApplicationAs required
    Automations step 2
    Storage tower including 3-shelf conveyor
    (lateral or ­longitudinal)
    RacksAs required
    HeightAs required
    Number of storage locationsAs required
    Max. weight per palletAs required
    ApplicationAs required

  • You are interested in the
    ASTES4 sorting system,

    but would like to continue operating your existing laser system from another manufacturer?
    No problem! ASTES4 has the perfect solution for you!

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