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  • Today and Tomorrow.

    Automation Efficiency is measured in $!
  • Modular automation system

    Clever Start – Rise Smart!

    In the field of automation solutions, the requirements are very different. Particularly in the construction machinery and agricultural machinery industries, employee-friendly parts handling is needed for thick sheet production. In addition to the food and beverage industry, the medical industry also insists on as few scratches and cardboard intermediates as possible. Thin sheet processing companies, such as automotive suppliers, demand the highest speed to achieve the output of laser cutting systems.

    Our daily challenge is to meet and fulfill all these requirements.

    Since the dawn of laser cutting and automation, sorting and stocking parts has always been a manual operation…. until now.

  • Low initial investment, expand as your earn more.

    With intelligent and integrated automation solutions, the ASTES4MAS concept ensures that they always have the right level of automation for their production requirements. it literally grows with their increasing future requirements. From a fast and efficient loading and unloading system to a high-speed sorting module that enables a fully automated machining process of cut parts, combined with a wide range of automatic storage systems. The modular design allows for customization to fit your budget and space constraints.

  • ASTES4SkyWay

    The very fast SkyWay loading and unloading system enables them to separate the processes between laser cutting and parts picking, thus significantly increasing the utilization of the laser system. The SkyWay loads the laser system’s pallet changer with raw material and unloads the cut sheets – all within 58 seconds!

  • ASTES4SortPro

    In combination with the SortPro sorting module, the automation system can even handle the individual parts picking process automatically. SortPro consists of four parts picking heads. These are each equipped with a patented revolving head that can access seven individual vacuum and magnetic picking tools. Maximum automation with maximum flexibility.

  • ASTES4StoreGo

    The SkyWay can be connected to various types of storage systems. Whether single tower, double tower or multi-tower system – we adapt to your demands. To optimize the space requirement, the SkyWay can be integrated directly into an automatic storage system by allowing both manipulator units to move into the storage tower.

  • 58 Seconds Cycle Time.

    Wow, this gets your Beam-on Time up!
  • 2 manipulator units

    The SkyWay consists of two separate manipulator units – one for loading and one for unloading. This way different operations can take place simultaneously which reduces the cycle time to the absolute minimum of 58 seconds (3015).

  • 2 manipulator units

    The slats brushing device automatically brushes away debris left on the pallet of the laser system to ensure a stable automation process.

  • Flexible configuration

    To adapt the SkyWay to your needs you can choose for its working area to be in front or behind the pallet changer. The configurations of the system start with the “smart configuration” which simply adds a table for raw material.

  • Flexible configuration

    The “advanced configuration” will add 2 carts moving in a 90° angle to the SkyWay operation. Finally, the SkyWay can be integrated in various types of automated storage systems. Choose what fits you best!

  • Flexible as an Army Knife,

    but a lot more Convenient…

    4 patented sorting heads with revolutionary automatic revolving tool changer always have the right tool on-board. There is no external and time consuming tool-change necessary anymore. Each head carries seven vacuum and magnetic tools of different dimensions and shapes. These tools are automatically changed depending on the part geometry and weight.

  • Get More out of Storage and Pallets!

    Higher Packing Density through Precise Stacking.

    Mass production can be done by anyone… flexibility is what scores today! The ASTES4SortPro is significantly ahead of all currently available laser automation systems on the market – in terms of productivity and efficiency!

  • Economical Stacking

    with additional Health & Safety Benefits!

    How economic may an automation system be that cannot sort all part geometries or cannot stack them in the same orientation? To place all the cut parts always in the required orientation, every head can rotate 360°. Also, long parts often have to be rotated 90° or even 180° in order to place them correctly or as desired. The ASTES4 sorting systems master this task using two sorting heads (one of each portal).

  • One, two or 20? How many Storage Towers do you need?

    Exactly tailored to your requirements

    The ASTES4StoreGo automated storage systems optimize your logistic process – whether you just need a single tower system for the continuous supply of raw material to your laser system or you are looking for a huge multitower system to organize all your shop floor logistics. Our single, double or multi-tower storage systems can store pallets with raw material or cut and perfectly stacked parts but also cassettes with cut sheets or skeleton. Different layout options make sure that the system adapts to your needs and space requirements. We are at your disposal to find the most suitable solution for you.

  • Programming in 4 Clicks ... couldn’t be simpler.

    SortCAM automatically optimises and manages the production process through to storage, without the user having to intervene. The outcome is unsurpassed userfriendliness. The user only has to select the pallets being used and everything proceeds automatically as a single production order – management of various materials, part quantities, sorting and storage – based on purchase orders and deliveries.

  • ASTES4SkyWay

    General Specifications30154020
    Cycle Time (Standard Configuration)58 s65 s
    Raw Material Specifications
    Sheet Thickness0.8–25 mm0.8–25 mm
    Min. Sheet Seize1,000 x 1,000 mm1,000 x 1,000 mm
    Max. Sheet Seize3,048 x 1,524 mm4,064 x 2,032 mm
    Max. Sheet Weight900 kg1,650 kg
    Max. Stack Height120 mm120 mm
    Max. Stack Weight3,000 kg1,650 kg
    Cut Sheets/Skeleton Specifications
    Max. Sheet Thickness25 mm25 mm
    Max. Sheet Weight900 kg1,650 kg
    Max. Stack Height150 mm150 mm
    Max. Stack Weight3,000 kg5,000 kg
    Max. Wooden Pallet Height100 mm100 mm
    Required Pallet Changer Grid Pitch50 mm50 mm


  • ASTES4SortPro

    Min. Sorting Time for up to 4 Parts14 s (3.5 s per Part)16 s (4 s per Part)
    No. Sorting Heads44
    No. Sorting Portals22
    Max. Single Part Weight (Vacuum/Magnet Tools)60/400 kg60/400 kg
    Min. Single Part Size130 x 60 mm (Smaller Parts Require Clustering)130 x 60 mm (Smaller Parts Require Clustering)
    No. of Revolver Tools per Head55
    No. of Out-of-Center Tools per Head (Option)22
    No. of Vacuum / Magnet Tools per Head5/25/2
    Max. Part Rotation360°360°

  • ASTES4StoreGo

    Single-Tower Storage SystemSingle-Tower Storage SystemDouble-Tower Storage SystemDouble-Tower Storage SystemMulti-Tower Storage SystemMulti-Tower Storage System
    No. of Storage Towers1122upon requestupon request
    Min. Height (Standard)4,920 mm5,010 mm4,920 mm5,010 mmupon requestupon request
    Max. Height (Standard)8,040 mm7,890 mm8,040 mm7,890 mmupon requestupon request
    No. of Slots at Min. Height11112828upon requestupon request
    No. of Slots at Max. Height27276060upon requestupon request
    Max. Capacity per Slot3,000 kg3,000 kg (5,000 kg*)3,000 kg3,000 kg (5,000 kg*)3,000 kg3,000 kg (5,000 kg*)
    Max. Loading Height for Raw Material85 mm50 mm (80 mm*)85 mm50 mm (80 mm*)85 mm50 mm (80 mm*)
    Max. Stacking Height for Cut Sheets/Skeleton150 mm120 mm (140 mm*)150 mm120 mm (140 mm*)150 mm120 mm (140 mm*)
    Max. Wooden Pallet Height for Cut Sheets/Skeleton100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm
    Required no. Slots for Raw Material111111
    Required no. Slots for Cut Sheets/Skeleton222222


  •    4050 x 2060 mm
  •    4 / 6 / 8 kW

  •    3050 x 1525 mm
  •    4 / 6 / 8 kW

  •    3050 x 1525 mm
  •    4,5 / 6 kW