• There are plenty of software packages.

    And you choose the one that suits you.

  • Choosing the right CAD/CAM system is the key to cost-effective operation of your laser cutting system. But should it be a simple system that concentrates on the basics? Or rather the all-round program with ERP integration and integrated production planning system for programming everyt­hing from the laser cutting system to the press brake?

  • Whatever CAD/CAM system serves your needs best, the choice is entirely yours, as our systems are multilingual. We neither limit nor block the use of the many possibilities that programs of independent software publishers offer.

  • Do you already know which machines from which manufacturers you will be using in, say, ten years’ time? And do you really want to have to work with several CAD/CAM systems as soon as you use machines from different manufacturers?

    With the independent CAD/CAM systems you create programs for machines and equipment from different manufacturers. This way you purchase not just a software package but also a good deal of freedom.

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