• Fiberlaser.

    Working principle.

    High-performance fiber lasers have a modular design. In a Fiber laser module, a number of laser diodes “pump” the “active fiber” and thus generate a laser beam. Individual Fiber laser modules are grouped together and the combined laser beam is then guided via a flexible fiber optic cable – the feeding fiber – from the laser source to the processing head of the laser cutting system.

  • Give your electricity meter a break.

    Up to 50% efficiency!

  • Miracle of efficiency
    Owing to the high conversion efficiency of the Fiber laser, you can slash your electricity bill. The energy efficiency achieves values of between 40 and 50% – exceptional for laser technology.

  • Cutting operating costs with energy-saving
    Control and drive units Energy savings have been achieved with perfectly matched Mitsubishi Electric control and drive units.

  • ECO mode
    During idling, the intelligent ECO mode switches step-by-step into standby. In standby mode, costs can thus be cut by up to 70%. Reactivation of the laser system takes approx. one minute.

  • From thin to thick and back again?

    Faster than a pit stop!

  • The Zoom Head – adjustment in record time
    Anyone constantly switching between sheet material of different thicknesses wants to resume cutting as quickly as possible – and without compromising on cutting quality. The Zoom Head developed by Mitsubishi Electric delivers speed and flexibility – for many years to come.

  • The optics are hermetically sealed to protect them from contamination during the rough and tumble of everyday operations. The only thing you notice is that everything runs smoothly.

  • Monitoring alone is not an assurance

    of dependable production. But our Hot-Reserve is.

    Has a Fiber laser module failed? Has the machine stopped running? Not with the Hot-Reserve!
    In normal operation the laser modules are operated at up to 80 % of maximum possible power. Should a laser module ever fail, the nominal laser power can still be achieved by raising the power of the remaining modules accordingly.

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