• Service.

    We’re there to help you.

  • Training

    Users acquire their skills at the laser cutting system. Depending on your wishes, at Mitsubishi Electric in Krefeld or on your own site.

  • Telephone and on-site-support

    Our service team consisting of our service helpdesk and field service technicians ensures your long-term success. Be it support over the phone or by email, remote online support or personally on your site, you always receive reliable service from ­Mitsubishi Electric.

  • All-round no-worry package

    You need an absolutely dependable laser cutting system and want to concentrate on your core business? With a partner noted for its decades of experience and short distances, you benefit from an all-round no-worry package that takes a weight off your shoulders.

  • Consumables and spare parts.

    We are there for you - not only throughout Europe.

    Quality control
    Consumables and accessories for laser technology are thoroughly inspected before release for sale and are subject to continuous quality control. Mitsubishi Electric imposes exacting standards on itself and its suppliers.

    Availability & shipment
    167,000 parts are stocked for you at our warehouse in Düsseldorf. You usually receive your parts within a working day (shipment via forwarding agents excluded). Shipment by courier and collection by the customer are also possible.

  • There are plenty of software packages.

    And you choose the one that suits you.
  • Whatever CAD/CAM system serves your needs best, the choice is entirely yours, as our systems are multilingual. We neither limit nor block the use of the many possibilities that programs of independent software publishers offer.

  • Do you already know which machines from which manufacturers you will be using in, say, ten years’ time? And do you really want to have to work with several CAD/CAM systems as soon as you use machines from different manufacturers?

  • With the independent CAD/CAM systems you create programs for machines and equipment from different manufacturers. This way you purchase not just a software package but also a good deal of freedom.

  • Securely financed.

    An investment that pays off.

    The investment in a laser cutting system is – especially for small and medium-sized companies – a significant investment that ties up liquidity and draws on credit lines. Leasing and hire-purchase are interesting alternatives!

    Leasing takes the strain off your liquidity and maintains your credit line. You stay flexible, as your costs are clearly defined and are financed usually from the revenue from the leased item. The leased item is not activated on your balance sheet, and, thanks to balance sheet neutrality, your equity ratio and rating are not impaired. The
    lease rent is treated as a tax-deductible business expense. Possible are lease terms equivalent to 40 to 90 % of depreciation due to wear and tear, which amounts to 60 months for the product category of laser cutting systems.

    Hire purchase
    Under a hire purchase agreement, BTMU Lease (Deutschland) GmbH purchases the laser cutting system that you have chosen and hires it out to you. The overall cost of the investment is spread over a contractually agreed term and covered by a monthly rent. The term and a possibly different final rental payment can be individually agreed. Unlike a lessee, the hire purchaser is the economic owner of the item. Unlike under a leasing agreement, the item automatically becomes the user’s property on payment of the final rent at the end of the term.

    Our leasing and financing specialist – BTMU Lease (Deutschland) GmbH – would be happy to propose a solution geared to your business needs.

    BTMU Lease (Deutschland) GmbH is the biggest Japanese leasing partner in Germany with over 30 years’ experience on the domestic market. As a subsidiary of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and group company of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), BTMU Lease is a member of one of the world’s biggest financial services providers. A team of leasing and financing experts manages all transactions from its base in Düsseldorf.


  •    4050 x 2060 mm
  •    4 / 6 / 8 kW

  •    3050 x 1525 mm
  •    4 / 6 / 8 kW

  •    3050 x 1525 mm
  •    4,5 / 6 kW